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Looking for a library to implement Web Monetization?

We got it!

We just released a React library that helps you track the Web Monetization state in your app. πŸŽ‰

It is fully open source, can be installed from npm and is available on GitHub.

GitHub logo InterruptorPt / react-monetization

A React library for tracking Web Monetization state

If you need a tutorial on how to set things up, we also prepared a 2-part guide on our brand new tech blog - the library does most of the job for you, though. The blog is published in both English and Portuguese and even has a dark mode. Last but not least, it is also released under an MIT License, meaning that you can use it as a template to build your own bilingual tech blog.

GitHub logo InterruptorPt / tech-blog

Interruptor's tech blog // Blogue de tecnologia do Interruptor

Let us know if this was useful and how we can improve it.

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