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Irene Lopez de Vallejo
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Visual culture monetization! Welcome to and Compassion punk aesthetics β€”

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Project overview

At we believe visual communication is essential to take our message forward. And we also believe in fair retribution.
That is the reason why we have created a place to gather all artwork (audio and visual material) featured across DisCO’s publications, presentations and web content, in order to support artists by sending micropayments for the work we use, when the work is liked, downloaded and reshared.
In short: we want to reward the many artists whose cc licensed images we've used. It'd be nice (and fair!) to be able to get some money sent their way.

Project team

The DisCONauts are behind this, ahem, cool web monetization initiative. Why?
Cos we care about artists, cos many of us are artists ourselves, cos we believe art is a beam of love and care into the world's heart, cos art can save us!!!

What we are doing

We have worked with sooo many artists whose work and aesthetics resonate with our values and our vision of the world we are creating... we are so grateful for their talent and passion and generosity...
What we do is be the wallet where the donations come in, and then the distributors of the funds to people.
You can see here a curated list of all the art used in our Manifesto publication. But there are many more, that we will showcase within very soon!!!

What community support would benefit your project?

We want you, the web monetization crowd, anyone who has a wallet from uphold or gatehub, Coil subscriptions and the Coil browser plugin or the Puma browser plugin β€” use it!
Do you like a particular piece? Support the artist!
Do you want to download a beautiful image that has touched your heart? Support the work!!
Help us to empower them and contribute to a fair economy!!!

Link Round Up!

May we direct your much appreciated attention to the and let the magic happen?

Highlight other projects

DisCO aesthetics aim to be infectious, coherent, functional and fun and to infiltrate the unconscious mind, it's not just visual candy. We call it Compassion Punk aesthetics.

That is why we are fans, big fans of New Art City and Furtherfield.

Oh, and if you want to know more about the overall DisCO project, here is our most recent Grant For The Web report, enjoy!!!

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