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Jasper Voorendonk - AgnostiPay
Jasper Voorendonk - AgnostiPay

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ILP Summit Reflections - AgnostiPay

We at AgnostiPay, an ILP Financial Service Provider grantee, had a great time at the last ILP Summit and we wanted to share some reflections on the great event.

Our goal in attending this event was to share our open-source proposition and get feedback. The response was overwhelmingly positive and ended up with many new connections and awell well as many new ideas to connect as to how to tune our proposition to the broader ILP ecosystem.


I’m Jasper Voorendonk, flew in from The Netherlands to New Orleans, and currently being the representative for AgnostiPay. With AgnostiPay we create an open-source payment-service integration middleware that developers can use to integrate their end-users financial service providers directly into their own services, websites, or apps. This empowers everyone to become their own ‘payment service provider’ and helps the Interledger Protocol to fold the outside in, and increase the adoption of the ILP network and the value of the ILP nodes for the end-users.

I saw the ILP Summit as a great opportunity to learn about the current state of ILP, the strategic direction, and which challenges lie ahead. But most importantly I looked forward to meeting in person all the other grantees that I have sought out prior to the event in one-on-one video calls and continuing the conversation on potential synergies AgnostiPay could create for the ILP ecosystem and the end-users.

Key highlights about your participation at the Summit

Out of the many many highlights of this inspiring weekend the following two stood out:

The opportunity to present our open-source project AgnostiPay to all of the attendees during the first Summit day in the Conference hall. This was a great way to collect the initial (positive!) feedback on our proposition and planted the seeds for plenty of follow on conversations with attendees during the rest of the conference.

Meeting the other cohort members, the ILP foundation team members, and all the other active players within the ILP ecosystem in real life was the other big highlight. It was amazing to share good vibes, ideas, and new relations to co-create a positive impact in the world with the use of open-source tech.

The sheer amount of avenues of interest that opened up during the summit has been overwhelming. It created many further possibilities to connect our open-source middleware proposition with the Summit attendees and create synergy value for the end-user, and help the ILP ecosystem to ‘fold the outside in’.

Key takeaways from the Summit

The following two key takeaways stood out from the Summit:

Getting a direct line into the current state of the ILP, the ecosystem, and the related projects such as Rafiki, Dassie, and back-end services such as TigerBeetle was invaluable. Getting all the information from stakeholders directly gave us at the AgnostiPay team great insight in the current state of ILP and the direction of travel.

And last but not least, it was great to experience what happens when you get people from all over the world together who share a vision in a single location for an amazing weekend. A shared believe that open-source fintech is the future, an amazing opportunity to co-create valuable services for people in an increasingly interconnected world. This event is an absolutely amazing platform to help interested and interesting people to mingle, meet and connect with inspired ideas and good vibes. I guess they call this a Summit and this ILP Summit in NOLA was a truly special one! It has made me super excited for the future in general and ILP events to come in particular!

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