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Discussion on: How much money have you made through Web Monetization?

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Jeremiah Lee • Edited on

My website audience is tech savvy, but probably not Web Monetization savvy. Most people, even in the tech industry, don't seem to know about Coil.

I promote Coil in the footer of all my posts. I don't have advertising on my site at all.

I recently published a digital zine about remote asynchronous work that took over 100 hours to make. I wrote 2 bonus articles for Coil subscribers in attempt of the 100+20 rule for premium content. 1 person has told me they signed up for Coil as a result, but the pages have gotten less than 20 conversions (monetizationstart events tracked), so most people simply bounced off the paywall.

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Radhy • Edited on

Pretty good info there, thanks for sharing that!

It does seem to me that making people aware of Web Monetization first is more valuable than employing premium premium contents to drive subscribers up. If that is really the case, then Web Monetization subscription will be more of community endeavors than one site effort. Even if only 10% of your unique users already have Coil subscription, I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing different numbers here.

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Chris Lawrence Author

@jeremiah The zine is awesome. You should do a post on here about it and talk about your thoughts on WMizing it. What is interesting about this Community Space is you actually have a critical mass of WM users so its an opportunity to see if you notice a difference.

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This community space will never have enough real life use cases for the members to use as cross reference 👍