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Discussion on: Tembo, the easy web database builder — Grant Report #2

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Josh Senyak

Hi David - Hey, thank you for reading the report and for your thoughtful reply.

ACF is a great product and no doubt the right choice for certain use cases. Tembo is more ambitious in its modest way. It's meant to build an entire custom application - with menus, forms, and subforms - using a normalized relational data model. If that's something that you have had occasion to build from scratch, I'm sure you'll appreciate how that goal differs from ACF's nice and wide menu of individual custom fields. Not to mention that a simple application can be built and deployed in hours...

Another way of saying it: ACF (and the great majority of plugins) see WordPress as a content management system. Tembo is a plugin that sees it as equally an application development platform. As you know (better than most!), products like WooCommerce make the most of that opportunity. Tembo means to give some of that to end users who don't necessarily code.

I'm following you now, to stay posted on your work w/monetization and WordPress. Looking forward to learning more of what you're working on.

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David Lockie

Hi Josh, thanks for the reply and I do get it. Hope you're enjoying working on the project. Hopefully the first in my content series will be out before long!