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Jasmine Stammes

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Let’s talk about Web Monetization

Hi Everyone,

I’m so excited to be part of the conversations happening in the community and grateful for the warm welcome. We here at Coil are always looking for better ways to support our web monetization community. As I work to support the product team at Coil in shaping and creating new product offerings, I want to make sure we are having the necessary conversations with people in the web monetization community.

With that said, I am looking to connect 1:1 for 45 mins with creators, developers, and/or builders who currently have web monetized platforms.

If interested please fill out this brief survey, you’ll get a chance to win $100 in the form of a gift card. Selected creators willing to participate in a 45-min remote follow-up interview will also be compensated with $100 in the form of a gift card for your time.

I look forward to connecting more with the community around web monetization.

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