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Juha Viitala


hmm. Now I found our organization from the project list. Should we have both organisation (Equilibrium) and project listed (Web Monetized Multimedia)? Or are those two the same thing? :D


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Staff User Author • Edited on

Hey Juha,

Apologies for the misunderstanding! We should have listed the project and not the org. 🙃

We've just unlisted Equilibrium and added in the Web Monetized Multimedia project. We've also granted you admin privileges over the Web Monetized Multimedia project, which is also kind of an organization. It's a tad confusing, but we use the terms "orgs" and "projects" fairly synonymously here. Let me explain...

There are organizations that have joined up with this community that may not have any ongoing projects. For instance, Mozilla here is a Founding Collaborator of Grant for the Web and thus a partner org, not really a project. That said, the folks listed under the Grantee List here on the projects page, are indeed projects.

But, all of the projects were created using the "organizations" feature available on the site via settings/organization. And, to be clear, partner organizations were created using this same feature. So, they're essentially the same in their capabilities, but we may refer to an org as a project depending upon the context.

Sorry for the long-winded explanation, but hope that helps explain things! 😅

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. It's a bit confusing. 🙂