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NOLA Changed Us

This trip started like many others. The Snake Nation team boarded the long flight from South Africa. We spent the next 20+ hrs getting up to speed on what to expect, watching movies, sleeping and reading. What began as our first IRL introduction to the #InterledgerSummit conference, ended with us feeling that we are part of a community of people using ILP to build the future and change the world. This was Tawanda's and I first time in New Orleans and thank God we had the best intro thanks for the ILP community and our local guru Gabrielle. From the first night, sharing our mission, along with the other grantees who were present we could feel the excitement and energy. As the days proceeded, watching the presentations, participating in the panels and having a chance to build with all the different people in the ILP community was a super rich experience. And of course, the second line was super dope, another first for us! We left with great relationships, some really amazing new friendships and unique POV's showing us whats possible and happening in the world of ILP. We are excited to help to further the impact of ILP especially for creators and developers in Africa and the African diaspora. This feels like we are home, as we are used to being the rebels in the room, out to change the world. This time we found a community of rebels from all over the globe, each dedicated to doing all they could, with the tools they have, to make change. Looking fwd to building with more members throughout the world. What an honor to be amongst this rebel brigade, with the tools and resources to build a bright future for those who need it. This brave new world and vision of financial inclusion and equity is not only achievable, but inevitable and undeniable. #SnakeNation #ILF #GoGlobal #LiveFree #DieRowdy #CreativeEconomy

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