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The sound of payments — Kendraio Pay

Project overview

Kendraio has come a long way from its origins. To date we've been allocated a whopping 1.5 M EUR in grants from the European Union, UK, Google and most recently Grant for the Web. We have worked with CMO's (Teosto), streaming platforms (Resonate, Musicoin, Audiotarky) and have participated in accelerators (Wallifornia Music Tech) and hackathons (Next Stage Challenge). We're pioneers in interoperability, data privacy and people having control. We think people are better off when they have sovereignty over their digital information and interfaces rather than at the mercy of closed silos.

Project team

As of now, the team consists of 5 members. Daniel, the founder and chief architect. Darren, the lead developer. Luke, full stack developer focusing on web monetisation. Antonio, partnership and outreach manager and Lena, doing marketing and communication. For Grant for the Web we've partnered with streaming platforms Resonate, Musicoin and Audiotarky, with which we're building ad hoc solutions for musicians to have alternative revenue streams that are direct-to-fan and user centric. If you also work in the music industry, please feel free to get in touch with us.

What we are doing

Here's a short video of our prototype:

What community support would benefit your project?

We've created a bounty program inviting developers to work with us to work with us on solutions we're prototyping. Sign up and join us in developing the future of monetisation in music. If you want to contribute, see here.

Kendraio Player Audiotarky integration (bounty) #169

We're kicking off our first of four bounty programmes in collaboration with Simon Metson from Audiotarky. Audiotarky is one of our partners in our project, Kendraio Pay, funded by Grant for the Web. Grant for the Web is founded on the belief that a healthy internet needs openness and opportunity. It's a fund by Coil, Mozilla and Creative Commons, supporting an open, fair, and inclusive standard for monetising content on the web. In this bounty, we're exploring how rights management and payments operate when working with multiple DSPs.

The bounty

  • Timeframe: 2 weeks
  • Bounty: $500 USD

For this bounty, we're rewarding the individual (or group) that carries out the tasks below, in a way that is transparent, interoperable, and easy to use.

We have an existing audio player that supports Web Monetization with Coil login - with or without a browser extension - but not yet with Audiotarky. Candidates should have some existing experience with Javascript and web API's. Once a candidate has put themselves forward, our Kendraio developers can work with them exclusively for 2 weeks (or more by mutual agreement). After the agreed period if tasks remain, another candidate may be given the opportunity instead.


  • Enabling a user to retrieve artist and track metadata from Audiotarky's API using a Kendraio Flow.
  • Enabling a user to play Audiotarky tracks within Kendraio Player, alongside existing DSP1 tracks.
  • Bonus points for enabling an artist to import tracks to Audiotarky including payment pointers using Kendraio App.

We will be very flexible with any hiccups that may occur and we will hold your hand all the way. We don't like stress here at Kendraio. We just want to see people enjoying building with Kendraio App.

Technical details

We have a technical blog post that provides background and demonstrates a simple Flow using the Kendraio Player block with the "Web Money" block. The more advanced Kendraio Player uses GraphQL to load a track list and artist payment pointers from DSP1.

Source code

Audiotarky API

Audiotarky data is available through a simple API. Currently this is not "discoverable"; you need to know the artist stub ID to find their work. There will be a genre API ~soon.


  • The bounty will be evaluated by the Kendraio Team and advisors.
  • Evaluation will be based on the completion of the task, as well as on how transparent, interoperable and easy to use it is.
  • The more you can commit to documenting and talking about your experience with Kendraio App the more excited we will be to work with you.

Kendraio Player

Kendraio Player is a media player incorporating Coil's implementation of Web Monetization and funded by Grant for the Web. The player was built in Kendraio App. Kendraio App is a low-code dashboard creator that helps build interfaces using Flows that connect to APIs with minimal code needed. The App has an audio player block (Kendraio Player) that supports Web Monetization, using either Coil's browser extension or login API -- but it is not yet integrated with the Audiotarky streaming service.

The Kendraio App let's users build interfaces from blocks. The blocks themselves are plumbed together with modern Javascript, Typescript, and are configured using JSON. We have various backend APIs, and proxy endpoints hosted using Vercel's serverless platform.


Candidates should have some existing experience with Javascript and web APIs. Must be willing to document and talk about their experience of working on the tasks in this bounty.


Once a candidate has put themselves forward, our Kendraio developers will mentor them exclusively for 2 weeks (or more, by mutual agreement). If after the agreed upon period tasks remain open, another candidate may be given the opportunity instead.

Kendraio App is a general framework for creating low-code applications. Kendraio App was originally created to service the creative/music industry to enable easy asset and rights management both locally and on third-party platforms. But what we've ended up creating is a generic data browser that plugs into remote APIs and enables highly configurable low-code interfaces to be built. And we'll use this framework as the basis of this project.

Please check out these links before accepting this mission:

As you create this project your feedback will influence the direction and capabilities of the Kendraio framework.

Link Round Up!

You can join our public Slack where we give updates on what we're working on, our public Google Drive where we document our findings and research, as well as planning and collaborative docs. Additionally, you can find our GitHub repository with our open source, MIT licensed, code. Feel free to reach out to us if you have additional questions on the code and to let us know what prototypes you're building, or report an issue, bugs, request features and suggest improvements here. We're always open to collaborate and partner with like-minded individuals, companies and developers.

Highlight other projects

You can see the work of our partners and collaborators here: Resonate, Musicoin, and Audiotarky. As well as other interesting projects such as Ampled and Vivid Iov Labs.

We want to thank Coil, Mozilla and Grant for the Web for this opportunity and the community as a whole for being so open and collaborative.

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