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Kult — Project Update #1

Hello everyone, how is it going? We are Kult ( : a place to discover content curated by culture lovers. It is also your personal library to save and organize movies, TV series, podcasts, music, and soon books.

We are 4 passionate young enterpreneurs, from Brazil and Portugal, who realized that the current social networks do not provide a healthy exchange about cultural content. With that in mind, we decided to create an alternative platform to gather all kinds of content and facilitate cultural discovery and exchange.

Project Update

In the first 50 days of Grant, we have improved a lot. Some of the news are: (i) a landing page to explain how Kult works, our values, team and partners (, (ii) a new feature that allows the user to ask friends for content recommendation, like this example, (iii) implementation of comments as discussion forums to make it possible for users to debate about content.

These new features have leveraged our monthly active users from 205 in early June to 361 as we write this. We were expecting 300 MAU until the end of August, so this is good news!
The bad news is that we had to postpone 2 features: (i) English and Spanish languages, and (ii) accessibility improvements. We understand the importance of these features, however, they ended up being more complicated than we initially thought. Therefore, they will be implemented within the next months.

Progress on objectives

In some aspects (new features and MAUs) we are ahead of our initial objective. However, we had to postpone 2 features due to their complexity, as explained above. They were moved from Month 1 to Month 3.

Key activities

Our Key Activities are (i) the development of the platform, building a product that people love and find valuable (and for that purpose we hired +1 full stack developer at the beginning of the Grant), and (ii) marketing/communications to improve our platform’s awareness, which currently resumes to friends & close community. This includes advocating for our disruptive business model using Web Monetization technology.

Communications and marketing

Communications and marketing are paramount for us, and we have a lot of news in this subject to share with you. The first one is our new landing page, mentioned earlier, that has beautiful illustrations from our friend and talented artist Helena Nemec ( Next, Kult and Interruptor (another fellow Portuguese project participating in the GFTW) were interviewed by Meios & Publicidade, a renowned Portuguese media magazine (, where we specifically talked about the use of Web Monetization to test and develop our micropayment business model.

Additionally, we hired a digital marketing agency to take care of our communications on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn – which is already paying off and creating more connection with our public. We are gradually introducing the topic of micropayment technology to our followers, as we understand it is a complex theme which involves many details unknown to most non-tech people.

From October on, we are going to kick off our marketing plan to spread Kult more widely. This is when we are starting our monetization plan as well. Until then, we are laying the grounds for what is yet to come, improving our platform’s UX/UI and online brand awareness.

What’s next?

Within the next month, we plan to add several new features: (i) a new page to discover people and content, (ii) displaying in which streaming platform that content is available, (iii) following galleries, and (iv) creating our own Blog with original articles as well as guest posts, to increase leads to our website.

What community support would benefit your project?

We would appreciate it a lot if you would access to get to know our platform and give any feedbacks you might have.

We understand that this is not 100% accessible for most people here, as we don't have yet any language besides Portuguese. However, you can still discover and share content on Kult, since our platform has literally every content available on and Spotify.

Additional comments

Thank you for reading this! See you soon and good work for all :)

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