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Progress Report #1

📣 Project Update

In the first month after officially kicking off our project, we wanted to ensure that we deliver the maximum value to our users/players through our game. We spoke to a group of interested people who are also creator, who shared about their experience of attempting to monetize their content over the web, successful or otherwise. These interactions provided us with a set of insights into the process, key concerns and the overall value-chain.

⏳ Progress on objectives

Now that we have a clearer insight into the series of actions and the value they represent in the process of monetizing content over the web, we have started to investigate around the appropriate mechanics. We reckon the best way to do is is to start making paper prototypes. Being a geographically distributed team, we are using tabletop simulator to create the early prototypes.

👩🏻‍💻 Key activities

  1. User-research: We got in touch with creators to understand their key concerns when it comes to earning a revenue for their work/content over the internet. We asked them some specific questions about the steps they follow to setup their online shops and the payment channels. The findings and insights from this exercise would help us come up with the basic structure for our gameplay.

Brainstorming canvas image

  1. Project branding: We did a small exercise around coming up with a logo and brand image for the project for the social media platforms. Project branding

✨ Creating online presence:

Communications and marketing
We now have a Twitter presence. We would be using our Twitter handle to interact with the outside world and to attempt to plug ourselves in into the interledger and web-monetization related conversations already happening in the twitter space.

💭 What's next?

We are now looking at organizing the findings received from the dipstick research and translate them into resources for our game prototype. As mentioned before, we would now be making some paper prototypes to kickstart the discussion around the gameplay and game mechanics.

🤝 What community support would benefit your project?

We would need willing participants who would like to review the early prototypes for LaunchPad game and help use shape the content for the game. The link for the prototype would be shared as soon as we have a version ready.

In the meantime, any suggestions or advice, or even anecdotal lessons from the community is welcome 🙂

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