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LOOSE CHAINS CHANGE— Future Money Progress Grant Report #1

"Loose (CHAINS) Change" is a series of large-scale multimedia tapestries created using leather and paper lottery tickets collected by marginalized residents through the United States.

This work serves as a reflection and projection of the reimagining of hope, it is with this tool we seek to transform what was a lethal tool of capitalism that preyed on the community-rich centers of Black and Brown neighborhoods. The project directly challenges the existing systems of capitalist gain through gamification, a concept supported by US Government funding, one example being "Make Your Own Luck." This initiative employs a systemic state-based lottery marketing strategy aimed at manipulating and perpetuating a cycle of poverty within underfunded Black and Brown communities.

Progress Images

Our Lead Community Liaison, Mike, handing off Recycled Lottery Tickets

Our Lead Community Liaison, Mike with Artist, Mia Wright-Ross

Our Atelier Assistants Cleaning & Sorting Recycled Tickets Received from our Community Liasons

Loose Chains Change Tapestry in Process in Artist, Mia Wright-Ross' Atelier

Project Update

Loose Chains Change is GROWING!
The community is really showing up for this project. We have received over 15,000 recycled tickets and counting. Our lead community Liaison, Mike, has been taking the charge to make sure we have lottery tickets. He has built relationships with local businesses and joined forces with other community members to collect recycled tickets.

In exchange for lottery tickets, we have been able to compensation our community liaisons with money, food, water, clothing, and metro cards. This has proven to be very successful at moments when our budget exceeded to community needs. We have been able to exchange value with all these forms of compensation.

A struggle we are coming up against is connecting to more community liaisons who are interested in participating in the program. In order to collect more lottery tickets, we need more community liaisons which means we needs more funding to compensate our community for their efforts. We have been applying and working with other local organization to raise more awareness about Loose Chains Change!

Progress on Objectives (KPI’s) (progress on project)

  • Compensating a team of assistants and community liaisons successfully with Future|Money Grant Funds
  • Ability to open a new atelier to facilitate the sorting and categorizing process of the tapestry development
  • Help support one of our Community Liasion's transition into a recovery program
  • Constructed Stage 1 of the LCC Tapestry to measure 15 ft long by 6 ft wide

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Short video

What’s Next?

For the remainder of the grant period, I will be intergrating our new laser cutting machinery within the tapestry making process. I also want to implement a digital survey program that can adequate document the needs of our community liaisons that are pivotal in collecting our recycled lottery tickets. I think this next stage of development is important to implements technology strategy within our development process. I believe there are ways we can improve the making process and we continue to grow this tapestry. That can only happen if we continue to listen to our community. Our goal for the Final report is to have the tapestry reach a scale of 50 ft long.

Community Support

All the support is needed!
We are looking for anyone to donate lottery tickets, more donations (money, clothing, food, & metro cards) that can be exchanged with our Community Liaisons, help setting up a community liaison input system that can keep track of our ticket amounts and document the needs of our liaisons. We are also looking for a gallery location in NYC to display the work as it grows and continues to be constructed.

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