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Discussion on: An idea around monetising “distributed” content

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Mark Boas Author

Hi Benedict!

Your projects look very cool :) I helped with the Decentralization space at the Mozilla festival for a couple of years and am super interested in the distributed web space.

I hadn't considered the situation where somebody had printed a transcript on a piece of paper, although part of all this is to automatically credit content creators in line with the license they choose. Perhaps we could make it possible to tip those creators.

When it comes to exportable and "embeddable" web content I'm not sure if the license (to host content) can be legally contingent on leaving the payment pointer codes and algorithm intact although it looks like it could. Either way I would make the terms clear and hope that most people will respect the license. I don't think we can ensure it! (Although I'm guessing we could make it harder to tamper with).

I also hope that by automatically attributing the content creator(s) we make adhering to CC licenses as frictionless as possible, even when multiple authors are involved, (which is often the case when it comes to remixes).

As far as the mechanism for doing this is concerned, we'd likely use a Probabilistic Revenue Sharing technique in the case where multiple authors should be compensated.

Since our Interactive Transcripts require JavaScript to run we'd probably do all this on the clientside, although serverside is an option with Wordpress plugins.

Anyway those are my thoughts right now, thanks for your feedback – good to hear I'm not alone in considering this :)

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Mark Boas Author

More generally the thing about adding a payment pointer "injecter" to libraries and plugins is that the the author gets paid in proportion to how much those modules are used by visitors to the site that they're used on.

Kind of obvious but pretty revolutionary at the same time. Especially as the owner of the website using the plugin does not have to shell out anything in advance (which could be a barrier to some).

I'm not sure if the stipulation to keep payment pointer code intact could co-exist with an open source license – I guess it could.

I suppose the issue would be when the website is already taking advantage of Web Monetization and doesn't want their payment pointer overridden!

I wish we'd had this mechanism available to use when we released jPlayer all those years ago – it ended up getting used by Pandora!