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Brick House news: Internet Archive, a new book and a bodega calendar

We're so proud that the Internet Archive has taken notice of our advocacy for digital ownership, linking our recent Popula piece in their monthly email newsletter.

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Libraries can only protect and preserve digital culture if they own their collections outright; books that are not owned are books that can be taken away. This issue has gained new urgency in light of the sudden rash of book bannings and the removal of classics like Maus and Beloved from school curricula.

The Brick House will be pursuing its goals of strengthening press freedom and independence through the many alternative funding routes enabled by Web Monetization, and we will be sharing all we develop and learn with our media and library colleagues and associates.

The time for writers, journalists and publishers to step up for libraries is now, and the journalist-owned Brick House cooperative allows us to do that in ways that corporate media often can't. Our current Kickstarter will allow us to print a paperback version of the (really fun and good!) Brick House anthology we sold to the Internet Archive, and keep this work going. Plus the new Brick House 2022/2023 bodega calendar is gorgeous. Please share this post, and support us if you can!

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