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Matthew Linares

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Micropayments for authors of good comments

User comments can bring immense value to web content. Whether a comment appears under an article, video, or something else, it can bring rich research, important perspectives, or humorous relief.

Our project, CommentX, allows comment authors to receive micropayments for comments that have been highlighted by the article author.

Try it here:

Quickly join our comments system (Coral Talk), add your wallet payment pointer, and make a comment. The best comments will be highlighted (an existing highlighted comment can be changed).

We hope that this will lead to new ways of supporting commenters to bring facts and opinion that enhance the debate.

We imagine that micropayments will allow new incentives to emerge online – our experiments can expand in future to create new pathways connecting readers, authors and commenters to unleash novel circuits of value.

Give it a try and suggest ways for us to develop this:


Project team

Matthew Linares is project lead and technical manager at Alasdair Blackwell is a full-stack coder working on innovative civil society software.

Project overview

We extended the open-source Coral Talk comments system to let users add wallet payment pointers, and then attach those wallets to article pages where a user's comment had been highlighted. The code repo is soon to be published openly.

We are just starting testing it in the real world, and asking questions about how this technology fits into the wider question of digital money.

Join us in doing so!

What we are doing

Having deployed the proof of concept, we are now testing the feature, finding ways to improve it, and seeking ways to increase adoption.

We are also commissioning writers to discuss Web monetization in the context of the future of money and how open-source projects like these are so important with the future of digital currency being uncertain as it is. This is all to come,

What community support would benefit your project?

Please try the feature out – as well as helping define the future of the project, you could be rewarded with micropayments:

Link Round Up!

Try the features, leave a comment:

Political context of web monetization:

Project lead:

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