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MHz Curationist : Building a Sustainable Payment Structure for Arts & Culture Contributors - Grant Study


We are thrilled to have been selected as a Grantee in 2020 amongst so many fantastic projects, as we explore options for paying the authors on our platform who contribute their perspectives on global topics of arts and culture.

We look forward to using this community platform for Web Monetization to exchange and learn from others looking to make strides in this area of interest.

Our Grant Reporting Goals:

Over the course of the next 5 months, our team is mobilized to create a Study Report that will be built upon a series of four (4) Mini Reports identified as follows:

1: Stating the Challenge
2: Market Research
3: Monetization Explorations
4: Conclusions & Next Steps

We invite you all to comment, and exchange with us as we share our findings.

MHz Curationist - Context:

Built from the Commons, MHz Curationist ( is a novel, interactive, and trustworthy Open Access web platform that provides myriad tools and opportunities to engage with arts and culture through co-creative authorship.

The mission of MHz Curationist builds upon and contributes to the Commons of arts and culture.

Some of MHz Curationist's distinguishable attributes where we seek to make strides are:

1: Become a Collective of Commons Co-Creators

  • Seek to combine efforts of different stakeholders from open access communities to do the most good
  • Build on collaborative global work of open access communities who’ve contributed millions of data & digital assets to the Commons
  • Offer a fresh start for community building

2: Empower Diverse Narratives

  • A manifold platform for subject experts of different perspectives to curate and interpret culture
  • Cooperative workflow access for educators and experts to frame and reframe narratives
  • A commitment to ensuring equity in access and dialogue

3: Create Pan-Institutional Access

  • Provide users centralized access to expansive cultural objects in one platform for editorial, learning, and research purposes
  • Draw upon CC and PD content shared by GLAMs plus third-party aggregators and community content hubs


Discover our platform and follow our journey:

Platform site:
Foundation site:
Twitter: @mhzcurationist & @curationist_edu
Instagram: @mhzcurationist

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