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Monetization for Dart β€” Grant Report #1

Project Update

Overall, the project is on track, with some changes as I've seen the Web Monetization's ecosystem hasn't grown much. Hopefully, this changes in the future and more developers are attracted into it, good tooling is a necessity for it to happen and there are some very good ideas within.

Progress on objectives

This project's objective was to lower the barrier for developers to delve into Web Monetization and I think it improves the developer experience drastically, some last-minute changes were providing native support for experimental platforms such as Flutter Mobile and Flutter Desktop, this poses a significant structural shift as to how the library was designed but it can improve the developer experience and encourage experimentation. I'm still researching the best way to implement this without disrupting (too much!) the existing codebase and integrating it all together. To be able to support all platforms would be the ultimate goal, if possible now or in the future.

Key activities

Some recent changes were:

Revenue sharing was updated to use's API instead of the manual probabilistic approach.
I completely swapped a feature for another, manual probabilistic revenue sharing was a good idea at the time, but now we can just use one payment pointer leveraging's API which is a no-brainer, considering it works with the receipt verifier service.

Receipt verifier service was enabled by default using's API.
This is very important for premium content, once again having a public receipt verifier service is very useful as running your own is a difficult task and would be counterproductive for most users. Asking for the receipts is enabled for default but it can be disabled too.

Using both revenue sharing and the receipt verifier service together is supported now.

To sum up, Monetization for Dart has support for all examples in the docs:

βœ” Exclusive content
βœ” Remove ads
βœ” Micropayment counter
βœ” Probabilistic revenue sharing
βœ” Start/stop monetization
βœ” Receipt verifier service

GitHub logo KNawm / monetization

πŸ’Έ A wrapper around the Web Monetization API to monetize apps.


A wrapper around the Web Monetization API


Offer extra content and features for users who stream micro-payments β€” including premium features, additional content, or digital goods.

API Reference


A simple usage example that initializes the monetization to a specific payment pointer:

import 'package:monetization/monetization.dart';

main() {
  var monetization = Monetization('\$');
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You can subscribe to Web Monetization events using a Stream:

monetization.onPending.listen((event) {
  // Prepare to serve the monetized content

monetization.onStart.listen((event) {
  // Show monetized content

monetization.onProgress.listen((event) {
  // Do something on each micro-payment

monetization.onStop.listen((event) {
  // Hide monetized content
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You can also check if a user is paying without subscribing to the streams:

Future<bool> isPaying() async {
  // Prefer custom logic over this
  await Future.delayed(const Duration(seconds: 3))
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What’s next?

Support custom receipt verifier service.
Expand the test suite for more coverage.
Update documentation with examples and latest changes.
Publishing v2.0.0 on
Create sample applications for Flutter Mobile and Desktop.
Research compatibility and possible upgrades to Dart 2.13.

What community support would benefit your project?

Filing issues, bug reports, pull requests, or just lay some crazy idea you have is great! You can contribute in a lot of ways if you're interested in the project.

Relevant resources

Live demo using Flutter Web.
Source code of the live demo.

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