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Mozilla welcomes Two New Fellows to Reshape the Economics of the Web

Mozilla, with support from Coil, welcomes Amber Case and Matt Mankins as Fellows. Case and Mankins will reimagine new models and approaches for sustaining web content that is not reliant on advertising.

Amber Case will be exploring how the future of money can generate new business models for creator compensation. Before joining Mozilla, Case held fellowships at the Institute for the Future, MIT Media Lab, and Harvard's Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society. Case is the author of Calm Technology and A Kids Book About Technology.

Case’s fellowship will focus on research into alternative business models for the web and development of a roadmap outlining potential paths forward for creators. As part of the fellowship, Case will conduct research and initiate dialogues with diverse groups to explore questions like: What is the full range of alternative business models on the web, and what would it take to adopt these new methods? What’s really needed to ignite this ecosystem? What new models of governance might be needed to support systems of multiple creators, groups and networks related to fundraising, mutual aid, and community support?

Matt Mankins will be working on advancing open monetization strategies for the web, fostering technologies to capture value without the involvement of closed platforms. Before joining Mozilla, Mankins was at the publisher Condé Nast where he led global monetization engineering efforts for the company’s iconic brands.

Mankins plans to use the fellowship to focus on research that contributes to and helps to steward a culture of ‘copy and paste models’ for supporting alternative models of monetization on the web. He plans to focus on creating a narrative framework for understanding the friction involved in current web payments standards, recommending ways to reduce this friction through social and technological norms, and prototyping them in an open source repository.

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P.S. They'll also be joining this community. Well, Mankins is already here (hello there, @mankins!), and we're working on getting Case set up.

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