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Douglas Arellanes
Douglas Arellanes

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Web monetization-compatible multimedia artworks now live

The Mural team has completed our "Web Monetization and the Arts" project, and the first part of the project has just gone live. As part of our project, we commissioned five leading artists to create new multimedia artwork using the new Mural 2 software (also part of the project). The artworks are thought-provoking, inspiring and contemplative, and they all support web monetization using Coil's "100+20" approach.

We'll make the formal launch of Mural 2 at the beginning of January to avoid the holiday doldrums, but if you'd like to download a working beta release, it's here:

What is Mural? It's a desktop app that lets you easily create multimedia "scrollytelling" stories. Mural 2 underwent a near-total refactoring and UX redesign, and it also supports web monetization through ILP pointers.

We'll post our final report here shortly, but I just wanted to get the good news out about the artworks, and I'm looking forward both to your feedback and sharing all the things we learned on the project.

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