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Accelerating the implementation of WebMonetization β€” WebMonetization JS Helpers



Project overview

Our project consists of developing libraries for different Javascript frameworks, which allow to use WebMonetization in a simpler way, speeding up its implementation and allowing programmers to focus on the core of their apps.

We believe that the way to promote this great technology is by facilitating its use for different types of programmers, so they also collaborate with the community and spread knowledge.

In addition, we are supporting ourselves with a company to promote from now on what we have done, since it will be easier later to reach more people, especially in Latin America where we are.

Project team

Of course this project is a great teamwork, first thanking Coil and for the opportunity to take advantage of our capabilities and participate in this technology.

Currently we are 3 fulltime people during the project, plus other programmers who have been helping in each of the libraries that have been made.
We are NΓ©stor Campos (project coordinator and programmer, in Chile), Carolina Vidal (in charge of dissemination and programmer, in the USA) and Marcela Leiva (in charge of managing the fund and coordinating the work with external programmers, in Chile as well).
We supported ourselves with external programmers in a freelance way, taking the opportunity to help people who had not had a job due to the pandemic since last year, so we also wanted to take advantage of this instance to contribute a little to society in what we could.
Finally, a Chilean company, Techgethr SpA, has granted us resources (such as access to the cloud, github account, hours of programming) to accelerate and focus on the achievements we have had so far.

What we are doing

We have a very simple demo, but it allows you to test each of the implemented methods and how they interact with the web browser (using Puma Browser for now).

In this link you can view and use the demo.

Alt Text

Alt Text

We are also building a community to promote the use and development of technology in Latin America.
Here is our meetup group for you to join.

What community support would benefit your project?

Everyone can participate, both improving the source code, using it or designing libraries for other Javascript frameworks.

The idea is to maintain a strong opensource community alongside this project. It is up to all of us to make it happen.

Link Round Up!

If you need more information, you can access these links with our reports and github repos.

Highlight other projects

Our project has synergy with others, since our idea is to simplify the life of Web programmers.
We want to collaborate with several of these projects, and we highlight some that the team has found very interesting:

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