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PeerPay - A new payment platform for people and companies

** this is not a grant report (in other posts I will publish the grant report).
** PeerPay is part of the last cohort of Grant For the Web grantees


Every day it becomes more necessary for all people to access financial services, but there is a large group of people who do not meet the enormous requirements set by financial institutions.
That is why we are creating PeerPay, which, through the Interledger protocol, allows you to manage IPLv4 accounts in one place, send and receive payments, view all transfers, add an alias for each account (so as not to directly share your ILPv4 address), create payment links to share with your customers and more).

Why create PeerPay?

Because there are many people who need to access payment methods and cannot do so in the traditional system, or in the crypto world they need certain technical knowledge that they do not have.
For example, a migrant who is in a country and is in the process of regularizing her situation does not have access to a current account to send and receive money digitally to her relatives in another country. Or an entrepreneur needs to send and receive digital payments in their local currency, without the high fees that other platforms deliver.

Using the Interledger protocol as the address system for the accounts, PeerPay is the protocol for managing the sending and receiving of money, always giving users power over their income, maintaining traceability and formality to simplify anyone's use.

Initially, we are developing PeerPay in Spanish for the Latin American market, but as the project progresses we will add the rest of the world population.

What's coming

In the following months, we will improve the platform in the following aspects:

  • Integrate with Rafiki for a better experience of our platform.
  • Sending emails every time a payment is made or received.
  • Download PDF of each transfer.
  • See in a better way a historical chart of transfers.
  • Enable an API so that developers can connect directly from their apps.
  • Enable an SDK (initially in C#) for developers.
  • Adjust the design of the Web platform.
  • And much more.

Additionally, we are starting to work with people without access to the banking system (migrants, small entrepreneurs and more) to show the benefits and advantages of PeerPay and the Interledger

Feedback and about us

Everyone is free to use PeerPay, you just need to understand Spanish to use it for now.
Any feedback, feel free to write to
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