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Free Legal Consultations with New Media Rights

Hi everyone!

We are offering free 1-hour legal consultation sessions for Grant for the Web recipients and others who are involved in Web Monetization projects. After the consultation, appropriate projects may receive additional free or low-cost legal services. We are licensed attorneys based in California, which means that we might not be able to speak to the specific laws of other states. We also can only advise on US laws.

If you’re based in the US or encountering US legal questions, come talk to our team about your copyright and trademark concerns, contracts, and other legal issues you might encounter working with Web Monetization tech!

Should you need assistance, or are interested in signing up for a free consultation, please submit a contact form on our website.

Just some examples of the types of work that we do for creatives, developers, and startups:

  • Preventative work (during the conceptual phase of the project)
  • Transactional work (during the creation phase)
  • Pre-publication review (to spot legal issues before publication / launch)
  • Response to third party legal demands after publication/launch/distribution

These might include:

  • advising on copyright, trademark, and data collection issues to know when you may need a lawyer or may need to change your approach at the concept state to comply with these laws
  • drafting a terms of service and privacy policy before launching your online platform
  • reviewing a documentary film for fair use or software for proper crediting of open licenses
  • assisting with licensing requests / distribution contracts or bogus cease and desist letters

And again, our work -- even beyond a consultation -- would be subsidized under the grant.

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