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Discussion on: It’s Thursday Appreciation Day!

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Nic • Edited

Sorry if this is a bit obvious, but while I appreciate everyone who makes this a nice community, I really appreciate the people who conceived, built and maintain Web Monetization and its underyling tech. There's been years of talk about the need for micropayments to support creators online, with efforts like Flattr, BAT & Scroll, but never afaict an open cross-platform/browser protocol and a fully working implementation (let alone seed funding for it).

Tho perhaps props needs to go to Charlie "Black Mirror" Brooker's Magic Coins pitch to help newspapers 12 years ago (

"Not until someone perfects a system of universal online micro-payments once and for all. Some simple means of easily "tossing a penny in a cup" for the internet is required. Everyone knows it; no one's managed to crack it. Sure, there are systems such as PayPal (familiar to anyone who's used eBay), but they're fiddly and boring. What's needed is something universal and user-friendly."