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Discussion on: Announcing a tipping experiment at the Mozilla Festival

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Nic • Edited

This is a great idea and could help a lot of new people grasp Webmo - we'll be happy to advocate. I already saw Mozfest is mentioning it in their emails.

Between now and then I will reach out to the Creative Commons filmmakers on to try and get a payment pointer for them - or offer to proxy for them. With a bit of thought maybe we can curate some new videos related to the festival programme.

All of these would be open access anyway but I wonder - just brainstorming - about trying to find some special screening event that that could be only for Mozfest attendees and might appeal? E.g. a screening of Hackers with director Iain Softley giving a realtime commentory. Or something? During the Open Video Conference, which I think ran for three editions before the first Mozfest, with a lot of the same people, there were movie nights after the day's sessions.

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Chris Lawrence

Love this! Please reach out to us on email to help get those filmakers lined up. MozFest has events throughout the year as "Fringe Events" your screening idea would be a great idea for that. Happy to discuss.