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Discussion on: What advice would you give our new grantees?

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Robert Friedman

The GFTW team does a great job at communicating expectations so we've felt pretty informed along the way.

That being said, a couple things to keep in mind:

  • reach out for help when you need it, either to the program team or in this space;
  • look for adjacent projects and connect with their project team to learn from each other – you never know what inspiration or insight you might pick up until you have that conversation;
  • tightly focus your project on the minimum requirements that would demonstrate your concept to yourself or others and allow you to test with the intended target audience;
  • worth repeating: build on small successes and don't be afraid to scope down, less is often more;
  • stay flexible and be ready to adjust your expectations as reality confronts your assumptions – if you need to make adjustments to your project, reach out to the program team as soon as possible, they're 100% on your side and want to see you succeed.

Welcome and good luck!

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Great advices @omnignorant ! Those points you mentioned definitely will be very helpful!

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Chris Lawrence Author

We have been using the motto "When In Doubt, Reach Out!"