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DEV — Grant Report #1

Project Update

As part of the DEV Grant, we ran a successful hackathon in partnership with GftW.

This involved various announcement threads, help threads, emails, social posts, etc. The winning submissions were extremely impressive.

As part of the hackathon, we also added payment pointer functionality to Forem, the open-source code that powers DEV and other inclusive communities — such as this one!

More information on that update here.

Finally, we shared an update regarding the Web Monetization Community here.

Progress on objectives

We have completed the objectives outlined in our Grant, but we look forward to continuing to support the Web Monetization ecosystem, and to seeing this community flourish.

Key activities

Key Activities included:

  • Hackathon promotion
  • Hackathon judging and prize fulfillment
  • Technical work to implement the payment pointer
  • Raising awareness around these features and the new WM Community
  • Managing administrative aspects of the Coil free trial (to aid Hackathon development)

Communications and marketing

Remaining activities


What community support would benefit your project?

Please continue to participate here on the Web Monetization Community!

Additional comments

We had a wonderful time in all respects, and look forward to our ongoing collaboration with Grant for the Web.

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