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Beats By Girlz International Web Monetization Design Sprint — ILF Grant Final Report

Brief Project Description

Progress Report

Project Update

We have wrapped up our project with an exciting proposal for the future. Our project consisted of a Design Sprint in Madrid, Spain where we explored the potential of web monetization and the Interledger Protocol in helping us achieve our organization’s mission of empowering women and gender expansive people through music and technology. (For a full summary of our Design Sprint in Madrid, please see our Progress Report.)

Project Impact & Target Audience(s)

We’ve compiled all the materials developed in preparation for and during the Design Sprint and have created a proposal for further development and implementation.

Project Materials & Documentation
Project Proposal

Communications and Marketing

The exploratory phase was very much about us learning about the potential of the technology and how it might positively impact our communities. We did online storytelling about that learning process and you can see that documented on our Instagram pages. Since we are designing proprietary technology in partnership with companies that require we work under NDA, we’re not publicly able to get into too much detail about it at this point. The majority of our marketing efforts will occur as the project develops and becomes public. We are excited to share more info publicly when we’re able.

What’s Next?

While larger talks are being had about the future of open payments itself, we are developing long-term plans for using open payments at our organization. As a music-related non-profit, we are all too familiar with the issues regarding the way arts organizations are being funded. We are also a global organization and experience pain points of sending money internationally with our non-US based staff and chapters. This has led us to using services like Paypal, Wise, and Stripe, all of which have taken enormous cuts from our funds. All of this has helped us to realize we want a different future for ourselves - one where our organization, our staff, and our chapters are in control of their finances. We want to explore new economic models for artistic support and nonprofits. We want to explore how we can incorporate our social justice mandate and pedagogy into this payment tool.

For the Spaces project we are exploring the implementation of multiple horizontal transactional functions where each user will have a digital wallet to create transactional touch points. These touch points include streaming payments from the time spent on our site, the ability to donate directly to BBG, and the ability to tip artists and communities featured on our site. We will incentivize users to try open payments through the site’s premium subscription model. To subscribe, users will have the option to pay through traditional methods, or learn about open payments and get funds deposited directly into their new digital wallet, which they can then use to stream to us. We are currently working with Ableton to help us develop the future of Spaces.

Community Support

We are so grateful for the Interledger community and will keep you updated on our support needs as the project continues. Please reach out if you are interested in our project and/or our organization. We'd love to connect!

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