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Sneak peek of revenue sharing in ProgNovel

Hi guys!

It's been almost two months since the start of my project with GftW and I'm happy to show a little bit of what I'm currently working on.

Revenue Share in ProgNovel

Since the start of ProgNovel, revenue share with Web Monetization has been one of the main feature of ProgNovel - which, additionally, has been expanded and explored to ProgNovel's experimental affiliate marketing system (which soon will be receiving a design overhaul!). As the star feature of ProgNovel, revshare is getting a little love, with the emerging revshare stats that will be the main focus of an UI that readers, creators, and contributors to check how revenue from Web Monetization API will be distributed.

Revshare stats

Don't be fooled by the same 40 numbers above; they'll show everyone's share later on, as this is still a WIP feature, there's still tons of things to do! ProgNovel will be launched at the end of my project's grant duration which is around the end of this year; and by that time, the final product of how revshare is gonna look in ProgNovel will be finalized.

EDIT 1 - 26 Jul, 2021:
I managed to add overlay'd avatars today though it still not reflecting real users' avatars. I reckon I'd integrated them with Gravatar service, though that I must edit a big chunk of the ProgNovel backend to do that.

new rev share

EDIT 2 - 7 Aug, 2021:
I returned to tweak my library WebfundingJS (formerly Fundme.js) to create revshare stats and leaderboard feature instead developing it to ProgNovel, allowing me to re-use the works I've done on revshare later in the future.

The current screenshot of revshare stats in ProgNovel, which is about to be done with some details left to fill.

Revshare aug

See you later!

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