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Discussion on: Bundling a front-end library?

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Radhy • Edited

Same here, been following SvelteKit and Vite progress for a while. Previously I've been following Snowpack solely because SvelteKit, and now that SvelteKit has migrated to Vite, I'm starting in getting touch with Vite. Tried to migrate my Sapper + Webpack project (which is currently being proposed to GftW!) to a whole new SvelteKit + Vite setup because my laptop is at its limit opening VS Code + Nodejs webpack dev server + MS Edge at the same time, but met with circular dependency issue that prevents me from doing so.

At the moment my solution to my problem is basically ditch Windows 10 for a lighter Ubuntu. But still, can't wait the day to wholly work on all my projects on SvelteKit and Vite!