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Discussion on: Introducing a New Grant Program: XRPL Grants

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Radhy • Edited

I'd like to try learning my hands on NFT in XRP considering it to be far more cost-efficient than minting NFT on Ethereum one of these days. Perhaps in my use cases one person could mint up to hundreds of NFTs since many of creators in the community I'm in publish contents everyday, and it will be interesting to see if XRP could scale NFT with that pace.

However, applying for XRPL grant is out of my reach. I never have any real conversation with people in English and even if my application passed for a selection, doing an interview is plain impossible for me. Seeing many grants being issued with interviews out in the wild actually makes me very grateful for Grant for the Web team to let us demonstrate our projects to the community with only proposals and articles! 🙏🙏

Still XRPL grant will definitely activated many awesome experiments and boost the ecosystem of NFT with scalable projects in XRP. Every successful and failed projects will be a chance for community to learn and will definitely benefits everyone in the end. Wish the best for XRPL grant team and the applying developers!