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Discussion on: Where can we find Coil visual assets? Ideally vectors or SVGs :)

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I don't think Coil assets are being CC-Licensed, thus not readily available for anyone, as from their term and services page states:

A. Content

We’re proud of Coil’s look and feel: Fabian and his team spent ages designing it. Our service and our content belong to us or others who have permitted us to use it. You may not copy or use any of it without our permission, unless otherwise permitted by law.

The best way to get them is to contact directly for Coil team and ask them yourself and see if you could get what you needed. However, if you want solely Web Monetization based assets and illustrations, these should be on GftW's roadmap and you could wait for them. GftW assets should be CC-Licensed for anyone to use as far as I know (I think it's already more than a year since I requested the GftW team for this back when GftW community still using Discourse).

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Noam Author

Ah, thanks! This is useful. Need Coil assets really. This will help us create something compelling on the Design Club site that feels Coil branded, creating more a visual link for potential members.