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Discussion on: Where can we find Coil visual assets? Ideally vectors or SVGs :)

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Radhy • Edited on

Actually it could be great if there's a supply of free assets that related to Web Monetization. Coil and Imgur have pretty good landing pages and illustrations to promote Web Monetization, but average developers won't have the resources to create something like that.

Of course, the team have addressed this as far as back when the community still using Discourse as primary forum last year. But as they have told me that it would take time to provide the free assets (it really did...🥲), I reckon it would be a good idea for community members to also help each other in this regards. I'd be happy to see if there's a project such as SVG Repo and Font Awesome but specialized in Web Monetization-related assets coming from one of grantees - but since I don't know one who does this, I'm planning to help creating assets myself and share with the community in the near future.

What do you guys think? Does anybody have the same thought of helping with this as well?