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Discussion on: Regulations on Interledger?

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I'm living in Indonesia, where the law dictates that crypto is strictly being used as assets for trading only, not payment. At this point I don't even know if Interledger digital wallets could smoothly serve Indonesians to setup payment pointers.

Things get even more murky when top Muslim council to state that crypto is haram, as seen in and While this declaration of haram is not strictly binding in national law and not entirely affect the entire users in Indonesia, they certainly make the prospect of anything that involving or using cryptocurrencies even more uncertain for Indonesian muslims--maybe including Interledger, NFT, smart contract, and others. And since Indonesia is a muslim majority country this certainly influence regulations on payments that using crypto, as several government instance that regulate crypto and digital payments in indonesia revised their rules following the haram declaration.

While I'm musing this I'm not entirely sure how this actually affect Interledger or their appliance by digital wallets that implement them. Maybe some digital wallets could get around this in using Interledger while adding options to reject incoming payments from crypto for affected users? (Is this even possible in Interledger?)