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Help sharing your assets to the community

Got any assets you'd like to share with the community?
Share it here!

We're in short for related assets we can use to promote Web Monetization. We've got tons of open assets and illustrations on the internet, but still not many related to Web Monetization. So plus point if you can help bringing assets that's helpful in helping us market Web Monetization to future users!

Don't forget to mention the license of your assets and usage policy. The assets you bring should be yours or you have the permissions to share it here. CC-Licensed open assets are welcomed too!

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Radhy Author

I'll be first.

Here are some (noobish) illustrations that I made with an Ipad I decided to buy after my previous fund reallocation. I'm only a few weeks in figuring out how Ipad works, so please forgive how sucks I am at drawing illustrations!

Assets below are shared in CC BY 4 license

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Victoria Coker

what type of creative assets are needed?

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Radhy Author • Edited on

Thanks for taking interest Victoria. Assets aren't limited to illustration; photo/video stocks, musics, voice narration stocks, anything is welcomed as long as they help people in better marketing Web Monetization in their websites or communities.