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Discussion on: Web Monetization For Independent Music — Grant Report #1

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Ranjana • Edited on

Hi Austin,
Read your blog on community tokens. I am a supporter of cooperativism but like you I am unsure how to raise the capital to start and continue with such projects. With VC there is an option to always sell via an IPO or other mechanism. Also a VC would diversify their investment, i.e. not all eggs in one basket. At the end of the days those who have money are saving/investing so they can get it back later when they need it. I am just thinking is a model of a Clearing Central Counterparty and decentralised bank could be used to create a P2C (people to cooperative) platform to carry out such investment schemees. Tokens and Crypto might be a way forward in doing this. Also with Web monetisation it might be a way of projecting future income streams. I think with any model return of currency or service will have to be considered.

I was part of the the first Platforms Co-ops now Course and it might be good to you to look into the platform co-ops consortium