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The People's Clearinghouse — ILP Summit Reflections


As a team, at The People's Clearinghouse we're extremely happy to have been invited to be part of the ILP Summit. Our Mexico-based project aims to facilitate access to the central bank's payment system for many rural community banks. Our leading organization, the Mexican Association of Social Sector Credit Unions (AMUCSS) has, for the last decades, fostered the creation of strong social links between many community banks, and our role is to give a technological foundation to that link.

Key highlights about your participation at the Summit

The Summit proved to be a fascinating experience for all of us. We were very enthusiastic in pitching our project and received incredible support from the Interledger team and community. We immediately felt that our intentions were correct and our concepts were validated. We also developed key partnerships with many in the diverse community of developers, creators, and idealists like ourselves.

Key takeaways from the Summit

If we had to summarize what we learned at the Summit, we would say: "It's not a protocol, it's a whole ecosystem based on a protocol". Rafiki, OpenPayments, Dassie, TigerBeetle, Fynbos, GNAP, etc are all limbs/organs of an idea: it was amazing to meet in person the people behind them and realize with pride that each of these efforts aims towards a shared ideal of fair and inclusive digital financial services. But this also came with the realization that what's now required is a series of new and effective use cases that can foster adoption. On our side, we hope we can contribute to this urgent task in at least two fields: ILP use in messaging protocols for remittances, and proposing (and eventually testing) new use cases for marginalized, rural communities. On behalf of all our team, thanks to all the ILF staff for letting us be part of this great story!

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