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Discussion on: Quartz Open Access — Grant Report #20200095

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@atenorio Sounds like you're looking for server-side browser extension help, but if any client-side browser extension dev is being done, feel free to check our repo for Akita @elliot and I are happy to chat if you have any questions!

Also here's Coil's open source code for their extension:

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Ámbar Author • Edited on

Thanks Sharon!

Yes, we need help from the server-side part of the extension, any idea who could help?

We are using the Coil's open source code you shared, the problem is that we cannot get the server-side implementation, and if it is not Open Source, we would love some support to implement an Open version ourselves.

PS: We love what your project has done, looks really neat!

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Hi Ambar,

I'm afraid @sharon and I don't know of anyone who is working on a server-side implementation... But we invite you to come to the upcoming virtual informal grantee hangout event, maybe you could meet someone who knows something there.