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Woman in Tech Hackathon

Woman in Tech Hackathon
Our previous hackathon was the Woman in Tech Hackathon to tackle Gender Based Violence Snake Nation partnered with CPUT establish Women in Innovation and Business(WIB) Society, a university programme designed for correcting all the barriers to diversity by working with diverse partners, judges, mentors, and trainers; expanding recruitment networks to diversify the pipeline; designing curriculum intentionally tailored to more diverse needs.

Female students don't feel safe behind the campus walls, CPUT GBV hackathon is aimed at finding digital solutions to fight the scourge of gender-based violence (GBV).

The Assignment

Students are asked to explore ways of making campuses and communities safer, investigate how best to respond to threats, and produce tech ideas that could save lives. Using both technology for creating tech solutions and creating content to drive awareness. CPUT students were given 24hours to build solutions to fight GBV.Top 5 solutions will be given 5 days to turn their ideas into businesses.

To create more awareness within the Grant for the Web Community we have added some of numbers on Gender-Based Violence since it still is a shocking reality for so many women in South African.

51% of women in SA say they’ve experienced GBV, with 76% of men saying they’ve perpetrated GBV at one stage in their lives (2010 Gauteng sample).

A similar study revealed that one in five women report that they have experienced violence at the hands of a partner.

2018- 2019, 52,420 sexual offences were reported .(Most of these were cases of involved rape).
This an average of 116 rapes each day.

2019-2020, 53,293 sexual offences were reported, an average of 146 rapes per day.

2019-2020, a total of 2695 women were murdered in South Africa. This means a woman is murdered every three hours.

Femicide is five times higher in South Africa than the global average, with South Africa having the fourth-highest female interpersonal violence death rate out of the 183 countries listed by the WHO in 2016.

The Participants of the Hackathon

  • APP 4 ALL

Projects explained


  • Wearable gear e.g. button and watch.
  • Life GPS Tracking via Google Maps API.
  • Multiple Tack Activation.
  • Whatsapp message and SMS send to ICE (in case of emergency) contacts messages will be a weblink which redirects to a 30 seconds record of the victims situation/ scenario and GPS location.
  • Option to share experiences of GBV on the platform.
  • Statistical reports based on the users interaction, data and location.


  • For physical safety - the App has a panic button in case of emergency that will help alert next of kins and the SAPS -The app enables the users to send their location in case of attacks

For psychological and emotional health - the app has a news feeds where an individual can engage with people who have been in similar situation anonymously and without judgement

  • counselling feature is available on the app for victims of violence.
    -For sexual violence - one is Able to book an appointment for counselling at the 'centre for all'.

  • create awareness through content in a form of memes, videos, images, post.

  • help track number of offences per perpetrator
    -help calculate the violence rates in all areas and parts of the world, to create more accurate about the rates of GBV.


  • Engage Prompt | 24hr Counselling, You can communicate (via text/VNs) with a team of trained administrators, i.e Social Workers, Counsellors, Psychologists, etc.
  • Red-Flag Prompt | Anonymous disclosure to our professionals about incidents which may display any violation of human rights in any of your relationships, and receive professional advise
  • IAmHere Prompt | Real-time tracking (in case of potential harm), if ever user find themselves in places like clubs, alone or just feeling unsafe. Because MZI has a geological tracker, it therefore allows us to locate any of our users, with great proximity and accuracy.
  • Panic Prompt | Emergency Response, This allows us to identify users who seek urgent assistance, that are in harm's way at that specific time,
  • The SAPS (South African Police Service) is in service and key when partaking these emergency responses, All information within the user's 'digital diary is used to build a solid case and possible conviction of a perpetrator


  • Voice Recognition through a programmed command.
  • Pickup unusual sounds/signals when the user screams out for Help.
  • Sends all data to the ICE Contacts in form of Vibration and Sound by recording the victim's surroundings and emitting to all ICE Contacts
  • This Chip is an option for phones that are not smart as this processor will be integrated in all phones.


This JEWELLERY could save your life.

  • When you double press the back side of the charm, it instantly sends a text message with your GPS location to all the emergency numbers you’ve set to let them know you need help.
  • It uses Bluetooth Low Energy and works with a free app that you install on your phone.
  • The simple setup allows you to choose up-to all ? that you'd like to notify.
  • The app also allows you to enable a free and optional 1-1-2 feature which can share your location with 1-1-2 dispatchers during an emergency.

Video of the Award

Prize received by RMI DEV TECH

  • R30 000 in cash (from SN and Liquid),
  • R100 000 AWS Business support,
  • R30 000 IOTA cash injection,
  • R50 000 Africa’s Talking API Support.

The other participants all received R100,000 AWS Business support MZI, APP4ALL, TECH SOLUTIONS and HUSTLERS TECH

The GVB content challenge

Image description

An addition to the Hackathon was the content challenge where students of the CPUT could showcase their social justice creativity in four different disciplines.
Content created will be used during the 16 days of activism against Gender-based Violence, content will be showcasing talent from CPUT students.

*Part of the brief *_The language that the media chooses to employ while reporting rape and sexual violence can heavily influence the way its audience views gender-based violence. It can determine whether an incident of rape is viewed in a way that reproduces victim blaming narratives and rape culture, or in a way that affirms the agency of women and girls, and their right to safety and freedom from violence. How the media chooses to frame gender-based violence has direct ramifications on how society understands the phenomenon.

The winners

All the winners got R10 000 in Cash and Snake Nations is working with the winners to develop a web-series and a music videos. And ten more creatives received support on the App through VNM.


Martha Kabule

Martha Kubule who showcased her work for 7 days at the State Theatre,




Watch the Trailer here



Here is Ntlaba's music



We are extremely interested in your thoughts, so don’t shy away from commenting or sending me or other team members @tawandabrandon @lwlkarama

We will keep everyone updated on our progress through our post!

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