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Discussion on: Hymn6 — Grant Report # 1

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Hey Xander! Unfortunately that is one of the biggest limitations that we came across while experimenting, as mentioned in one of our TODOs:

"...Evaluate how in the long-term the limitation of background streaming monetization can be tackled! This is currently the biggest fundamental issue we found with the web monetization API for this type of application...."

That is indeed exactly what you are referring to as well. Long-term a feature that allows the user to enable background streaming on the applications of their choice would be very useful as mentioned in that GitHub Issue as well. We do think that this is something better tackled on the WM provider level rather than by applications to maintain a common interface to background streaming.

In the meantime, if we find any 'hacky' solution to this, will post it out here for sure!🙂 Conversely, if you get something working please do share too! 😁