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Uchi Uchibeke
Uchi Uchibeke

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How to get Tip Credits for Web Monetization

Hi Friends, tipping through Web Monetization is now available in private beta starting with participants at the upcoming Mozilla Festival.

As the first Web Monetization provider, Coil is supporting The Grand MozFest Web Monetization Experiment for the community and all MozFest participants.

As part of The Grand MozFest Web Monetization Experiment, participants get:

  • 6 Months of Coil Membership and
  • $10 in tip credit you can use to tip any Web monetized website, content or creator

Here's how to get on board:
1) The first step is to get a MozFest ticket. Then you will get an email with a Promo code after you sign up for MozFest (these emails go out weekly)
2) After you redeem the promo code, you will get a Welcome to Coil email that walks you through the process of using the tipping feature, downloading the latest extension and more

Please, let me know if you have any questions

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