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Ben Marshall for Vivid IoV Labs

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Freemium x Web Monetization = Freemitization!

Project overview

Freemitization is a live streaming experiment targeting mass adoption by combining freemium business models and Web Monetization.

Project team

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The startup formed from the winning team of UCL and Ripple’s Block-Sprint 2019. Vivid IoV Labs are focused on consumer-facing applications of micropayments and creating a more inclusive internet by leveraging web 3 technologies.

More about the team

What we are doing

Freemitization demo site - currently under construction! This is our dev site with our open source modules for freemium ux and revenue sharing for web monetized content.

Peerkat - our live streaming project, the video-on-demand version is accessible via the ThunderCore blockchain app.

Just A Meme - our podcast series is live and we have had some great chats with a bunch of brilliant builders and creators in the Grant for the Web community.

The Web Monetization UX Report (coming soon) - our own primary research and collating research from around the ecosystem to help inform the development of the next generation of brilliant user-focused web monetized products and content.

What community support would benefit your project?

We would be grateful for your support and involvement by 1) checking out our podcast series with a variety of fellow GftW grantees all about Web Monetization, 2) completing our Web Monetization Survey if you are a Coil user, 3) giving us a follow on Twitter. Thank you!

Check out our podcast
Complete the Web Monetization Survey
Follow us on Twitter

Link Round Up!

Company Website
JAM Podcast
The Web Monetization Survey
GftW Mid-Term Grant Report

Highlight other projects

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