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Just A Meme Podcast (Second Batch)

The second batch of podcasts are live across YouTube, Web Monetized link, Anchor, Apple and Spotify:

JAM#8 Antonio from Kendraio

JAM#9 Uchi from AfricaHacks (and now Coil)

JAM#10 Joshua from Metagov

JAM#11 Janet and Sam from Widget

JAM #12 Grant for the Web team special

Erika and Chris will be joining Greg to conclude our Web Monetization series, the podcast is being recorded today and we will post it on here in the next few days.

It should be a great episode reflecting on the programme to date and looking forward to what Grant for the Web has in store in the future, be sure to check back soon for it…

Thank you!

Thanks to all of our great guests, thank you also to those who reached out or have been following the series, we appreciate the support and hope you continue to follow the Just A Meme pod in the future!

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