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The Web Monetization Survey - get involved!

Calling all Web Monetization Users!

Please help by completing the Web Monetization Survey…

As part of our project we are conducting a user experience survey on behalf of the community to find out more about Web Monetization Users and what they really want.

This will become extremely useful research for the Web Monetization community and ecosystem of projects to learn from the findings. We hope it will help inform the development of the next generation of brilliant user-focused web monetized products and content.

The results will be collated and published by Vivid IoV Labs at our website and shared via the relevant channels with the support of the Grant for the Web.

Please help the community by completing the survey at the link below and sharing the survey with other Web Monetization Users:

The Web Monetization Survey

We will also be collating secondary research from fellow grantees and the wider ecosystem. Stay tuned for more info on this or get in touch if you want to contribute to the Web Monetization UX Report. Thank you!

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Ben Marshall

thanks Oliver!

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Abhinav Chawla


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awesome, thank you Abhinav!