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Web Monetization for Moodle β€” Grant Report #1

Hello World

Project Update

The focus for us to date has been to get an understanding of the web-monetization protocols and standards, their use-cases, use the tool for ourselves and built a basic proof of concept within Moodle.

Progress on objectives


The first objective of the project is to build the plugins that will enable web monetisation within Moodle. We have built a basic Moodle plugin to manage 'monetization' meta tags across a Moodle site that is now available on GitHub
The next step for this plugin is to implement a receipt verifier so users can be prevented from viewing monetised content unless they have a Web Monetization agent present and enabled.

Reference site

As the use cases for web monetization within Moodle become clearer the plan for the reference site is evolving... Watch this space! In the mean time the plugin is installed and working on the OSL Example site


We are in the early stages of talking to a few organisations and looking at how they could use the web monetization tools within Moodle to generate income from their content.

Communications and marketing

The grand plans for conference presentations are on hold right now for obvious reasons but we're really excited about this project and have been pushing awareness across a number of channels including LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, the Moodle forums.
Expect to see a lot more noise when the plugins are completed (support receipt verification) and a reference site is launched.

The most exciting pieces of publicity are expected to come out of two developing partnerships which should really show the potential of this platform.

What’s next?

The key next steps are:
Finish building the plugins:
implement a receipt verifier
create a counter block

Build and launch a reference site

Engage with a partner to deliver a chunk of real world, web monetized, learning content

Generate buzz around all the above...

What community support would benefit your project?

A plugin for any content delivery platform is only as good as the content it's used for. Please reach out if you need help building, hosting or monetising e-learning content.

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