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Achim Wagenknecht

Thank you for your comment. :-) I see you are from Australia. I recently learned that the drinking round - or the "shout" like it is called there - is a strong rooted custom in that country, maybe stronger than in any other country. Can you confirm this?
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Thanks Achim! Hahaha, I can't guess that if it's stronger than any other, but yes, it's such a huge part of Australian culture... it's usually because the pubs are so packed that it's just too inefficient for everyone to get their own drinks, it's so much quicker for one person to go and get drinks for everyone... and I can also tell you that in my younger days I drank way more than I intended, on hundreds of occasions because of shouts.

I've never really thought about it before... but maybe it's called a shout because everyone greets the arrival of new drinks by shouting?