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Achim Wagenknecht
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Social Network With Social Funding β€” RoundOF

If you ever got caught in a drinking round, you know it's an intense social experience: As everyone at your table is buying drinks for everyone, you can get drunk really fast. RoundOF brings this experience to your smartphone and to the web β€” without the drinking, actually. So when you take the drinking away, what remains is the round and the buying. A round of people at a virtual table who in turns buy access to that table for their friends. In other words: a social funding method.

This is how a RoundOF posting in the app looks like

RoundOF App

Join for free

RoundOF is a social network that is funded this way. You can join for free at or use our Android app. You can use RoundOF completely free for your first month. In addition you get a starting credit sufficient to buy another month for someone else. Complete access to RoundOF for a month costs about as much as one or two drinks in a bar – depends on the bar.

Someone else will pay for you

The basic rule on RoundOF is: You can’t pay for yourself. You can pay for anyone else though. So on RoundOF everyone needs a little help – just as in real life. It’s beautiful to see people helping each other. On RoundOF this beauty happens all the time. But this is not about organ donation or risking your life for strangers! No Hollywood drama on RoundOF. It’s just about giving a little amount of money from time to time so that someone else can have fun. Spread happiness!

An alternative to financing by ads

RoundOF is operated by the german journalist Achim Wagenknecht. Achim got tired of ad-financed platforms, searched for an alternative and found the drinking round: RoundOF was born. Andrew Boon and his UNA Inc. provide the technical platform that brings RoundOF to life.

RoundOF is ready to use

RoundOF left beta by the end of 2020. Now that everything works, we are polishing edges and smoothing the gui. RoundOF is ready to use. You can post a status, upload images, comment, like, and so on.

Want to support RoundOF?

If you like the idea and want to support it:

What RoundOF needs right now are more users to make the community flourish.


RoundOF homepage
RoundOF app

Top comments (3)

gfam profile image

What an absolutely fascinating concept! Would absolutely love to look into this a bit more...

achim profile image
Achim Wagenknecht

Thank you for your comment. :-) I see you are from Australia. I recently learned that the drinking round - or the "shout" like it is called there - is a strong rooted custom in that country, maybe stronger than in any other country. Can you confirm this?
If you want more information about RoundOF, I have some info texts on the page that are accessible without registration.

gfam profile image

Thanks Achim! Hahaha, I can't guess that if it's stronger than any other, but yes, it's such a huge part of Australian culture... it's usually because the pubs are so packed that it's just too inefficient for everyone to get their own drinks, it's so much quicker for one person to go and get drinks for everyone... and I can also tell you that in my younger days I drank way more than I intended, on hundreds of occasions because of shouts.

I've never really thought about it before... but maybe it's called a shout because everyone greets the arrival of new drinks by shouting?