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Getting started with Web monetization & Interledger

This project is to create an educational course for anyone who wants to learn more about the basics of web monetization and Interledger in order to grow the developer communities and adoption. This course would be targeted to the Asia communities who understand Chinese.

Project Update
The first focus of the project was going to translate all of the existing Web Monetization examples into Chinese. It gave an interactive example of how Web Monetization fits into their use cases.

Progress on objectives

All of the existing Web Monetization examples listed in have been translated into Chinese. And an article about how Coil works.

The first objective is to translate all the existing technical examples into Chinese, which is almost done. And the second objective is to make more educational materials on how Web Monetization works and build up the developer community.

Key activities

  • Create more non-technical educational materials in video format about Web Monetization and Interledger.
  • Build up developer community

Communications and marketing

I am still in contact with one of the PR companies in Asia that could help to do more marketing for the materials that I have been working on.

What's next?

I see the potential in the future of Web Monetization and would like to continue sharing it with the Asia community. My next steps include:

Building a stronger community in Asia
Create videos about Web Monetization / Interledger

What community support would benefit your project?

I'd be interested in advancing my work through collaborations with developers & programmers interested in creating Web Monetization content.

Additional comments?

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