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Getting started with Web monetization & Interledger β€” Final Report

Project Update

Thought out the past few months, it has been making a lot of progress such as making more educational materials and code examples about Web Monetization and Interledger to help the existing creators to understand the difference between the current monetization model vs. the new one, but it doesn't mean the project just finish like this since we something still on going.

Github repo for reference:

Progress on objectives

Created materials about how Coil works, Interledger Introduction, and Web monetization 101.

Create & manage a community that has 50 members in Asia.

Added few more coding examples about Web monetization

I am still looking to organize a community competition event hopefully after Christmas since I don't have enough people to help with me.

Communications and marketing

Weekly updates for the chat group to chat and help with the community about how web monetization could benefit for creators and the viewer.

What’s next?

Organize the community competition event

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