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Discussion on: Creative Commons WM license?

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Antonio Talarico

This is a bit of a tricky thing to do and, from what I know, you need an extra level of abstraction to pull it off. I've been thinking about it too an, to me this is the perfect use case for Paystring potentially. With the idea that an TrackID (possibly generated through ISRC/ISWC if registered) gets linked to a payment pointer and therefore creating a new clause. It would look something like: Paystring = TrackID + Payment pointer.

So far, we've managed to dynamically "swap them" as you play, but it's more of a good work around to the limits of having a payment pointer restricted in a metatag. The "trigger" of a track becomes the attribution to its play button as to make it look like they're linked, but aren't really.

Hope this helps.