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ART Update #1: Kick the tires and light the fires!

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We are more than stoked to get going on our program for the Grant for the Web(aka GFtW...we love acronyms)! You can read more about the scope of our program in this recent announcement. We'll be posting updates here every couple of weeks along with other reporting for GFtW (acronyms!).

Since we began work a couple of weeks ago we've been moving at a quick pace to get things ramped up. Here's the breakdown so far:

  1. We ran a fundraiser on Giving Tuesday called Fund Five Drive. The goal was to raise $7,500 to fund five more artists and musicians. We landed over $8,000. Mission accomplished! Thanks again to all those who supported the effort.

  2. Working alongside our partners at Ocupop we've begun scoping out content and narrative for our Web Monetization training build-outs. A lot of exciting ideas bubbling up here as we think on the best ways to visually educate people of all skill levels about Web Monetization. This will be a cornerstone part of our program.

  3. Our first part-time hire has been made. Audrey Ullman as our Community Outreach Manager. She is a SXSW alumn along with myself. We will build out an underserved community outreach plan over the next couple of weeks to be deployed in January 2021.

  4. Strategic partner outreach has begun to key artist, creator and musician platforms (Ello, Soundcloud, Stageit, Twitch, Reverb Nation...many others). The ask is to have them come along side us, understand the power of Web Monetization and spread the word about it and our grant-giving to their communities when the time is right.

Those are the big ones. Stay tuned for more updates every couple of weeks. If you're reading this and think of something or someone who may be helpful, let's chat! I'm at

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Chris Lawrence

This is a fun and informative update, ty!